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May 31, 2008 at 09:48 AM
MiaCMS is a fork of the Mambo CMS. Why a fork? We felt that the policies, processes, and priorities of the official Mambo Foundation were having a negative impact on the code and the community. Innovation, creativity, and team spirit have all but been eliminated. Thus the fork. Much of the same crew that built you Mambo 4.5.3+ through 4.6.3 are here now continuing development on the same award winning software base that everyone has come to know and love. Let us make clear we never gave up on the product or the community, but rather just the Foundation which controlled it. The MiaCMS project was initiated by four individuals with profound knowledge of the Mambo CMS system. The founding team includes Al Warren (alwarren), Chad Auld (cauld), Ozgur Cem Sen (ocs), and Richard Ong (arpee). Together we have held the following roles within Mambo over the years; project leader, board member, steering committee member, core team leader, quality team leader, documentation team leader, and server administration. Those who know the project well will recognize those listed as what was the majority of the current core Mambo development team. Who is left to carry on Mambo development? The answer is not many. We plan to continue down the revolutionary path we laid out for Mambo before ultimately cut our ties to the Mambo Foundation. Just that we will be doing it as MiaCMS from this point forward. So again... this is a fork, we do give credit to Mambo for past work done, and we do aim to make MiaCMS even better (in fact we think it already is) !



What is your favorite new MiaCMS feature?


Packt Publishing has anounced the winners in the 2008 Most Promising Open Source CMS category of their annual competition.  Silverstripe and CMS Made Simple took home first and second place.  We are happy to report that MiaCMS came in 3rd place.